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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

California Picture

California state is like no other place. It has some of the most beautiful and unique locations and scenery. Ocean beaches, mountains and deserts, freeways and big modern cities, breathtaking scenery, exotic vegetation and abundant wildlife.

This is California.

Photography in our gallery and the links to related galleries provide for a glimpse of what a California picture might be.


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Centric Health initial quarter revenue increases 67 percent to $23.0 million Centric Health Corporation , Canada’s leading diversified healthcare services company, announced economic results for the first quarter ended March 31 today, 2011 . Centric Health has made substantial progress in 2011, buying quality health care businesses, appointing key executives and creating a corporate infrastructure that positions the group well for continuing strategic expansion in line with its stated goals, said Dr. Continue reading

Arginine lowers total body irritation to greatly help fight brain cancer A diagnosis of cancers.

After they secrete arginase, commonly they die and are excreted by the body. Researchers have discovered that individuals with glioblastoma do not exhibit the normal neutrophil-mediated immune response and cancers cells grow and pass on unabated. Researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer tumor Center found T-cells are critically dependent on arginine for activation and function. They were able to determine disease fighting capability response is not reliant on a rise in arginase, but instead the resulting insufficient arginine suppresses the immune system. Continue reading


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BiovaxID lymphoma vaccine to be presented at ASH Meeting Biovest International.

BiovaxID lymphoma vaccine to be presented at ASH Meeting Biovest International, Inc. Schuster, M .D., Associate Professor of Medication at the Abramson Tumor Middle of the University of Pennsylvania, will deliver the BiovaxID demonstration titled, Vaccination with IgM however, not IgG Idiotype Prolongs Remission Period in Follicular Lymphoma Sufferers. The abstract could be accessed at the ASH site at:. Continue reading

Today that preclinical data on two of its oncology programs announced.

Angiochem to highlight oncology program data at 101st American Association for Malignancy Research meeting Angiochem, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing drugs that are uniquely capable of crossing the blood-human brain barrier through LRP targeting, today that preclinical data on two of its oncology programs announced, ANG1007 and ANG1005, for the treatment of brain cancers, along with data demonstrating the utility of Angiochem’s EPiC platform to accomplish efficient penetration prices in the mind and in tumor tumor tissue, will become highlighted at the 101st Annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research 2010, 17-21 April, in Washington,, Exhibit Hall A-C, Poster Section 22, Poster Table 6 Abstract #3578: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, ‘New Angiochem-modified doxorubicin with increased human brain penetration and efficacy against brain tumors,’ Demeule,, Exhibit Hall A-C, Poster Section 24, Poster Plank 26.. Continue reading

With results from a schizophrenia study using Cogstate&39.

Cogstate test shows effective treatment choice for schizophrenia Medical technology company Cogstate continues to strengthen its position as an essential partner for measuring cognition in essential studies all over the world, with results from a schizophrenia study using Cogstate's check published in a significant scientific journal. In a peer examined paper released in the European Neuropsychopharmacology journal co-authored by Cogstate Chief Science Officer Dr Paul Maruff, it was reported that Lurasidone, an atypical antipsychotic medication, improved cognitive function of schizophrenia sufferers, as measured by the Cogstate exams, significantly more than the control group . Continue reading

It generally starts with an panic result in which snowballs overtime into full blown depression.

You can easily identify people who have problems with anxiety and depression because the symptoms are very obvious. Sometimes, though very uncommon, it becomes difficult to know as the person affected has the capacity to conceal the symptoms well. When this happens, it really is usually lifestyle because threatening, 8 out 10 occasions, these social people either attempt suicide or commit suicide. Nutrition And Its EFFECT ON Anxiety And Depression There were many clinical tests which point to the fact that one foods trigger depression, while some treat and cure it. Frugal eating habits, an excessive amount of dependency on junk food and fried stuff can lead to acute shortage of minerals and vitamins, which affect the neuro-transmitter absorption in the physical body. Continue reading

Calorie Counting Ads Strike NYC Subways Craving a burrito with sour guacamole and cream?

Calorie Counting Ads Strike NYC Subways Craving a burrito with sour guacamole and cream? What if you understood it had over fifty % the calorie consumption you should eat per day? The city Health Division is growing its healthy-eating marketing campaign with subway ads that state most adults should limit themselves to 2,000 calories day time. Monday in about 1 Posters that appeared,000 subway cars provide calorie counts for many menu products – like 470 for a huge apple bran muffin or 1,170 for a poultry burrito with toppings. The three-month ad advertising campaign is intended to build on the city’s brand-new regulation requiring chain restaurants to create calorie counts on the menus generic or brand . Continue reading

Smoking and hypertension.

Population and coronary disease risk elements has been uncertain. According to background information in the article. Edward W. Gregg, Ph.D., of the Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control, Atlanta, and colleagues analyzed data from 5 NHANES conducted during the last 40 years and examined whether long-term changes in degrees of crucial cardiovascular risk elements have been different in over weight or obese persons compared with lean persons. The risk factors included prevalence of raised chlesterol levels , high blood pressure , current cigarette smoking, and total diabetes according to BMI group . Continue reading

America: The property of meat.

America: The property of meat, cheese and bread ‘Which bread do you want sir/ma’am, our signature pesticide-toasted whole wheat or our extra-gluten IBS bread with high-fructose corn syrup swirls? Did you wish extra rennet with your cheese pass on? How about the pet, did you choose which hormone-infected pet you wished from the pen out back? You know we chop ’em up clean here at the best ‘Mad Cow!” Nobody wants to grow up to become obese, diabetic or dependent on chemical medication to ‘prolong’ their life, but it happens correct and left in America. Sit down and ‘dine in’ just about anywhere, and the menu presents up about 20 to 30 meal options, including appetizers and desserts galore. The 1st two pages of the menu offer choice after choice after choice of fried everything and breaded ‘goodies,’ – – even fried vegetables for you personally health ‘fanatics tadalis 20 mg dosage .’ The next four to eight pages consist of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, steaks, chili and burritos, and almost every single item, besides salads , contains some GMO meats, GMO cheese and some gluten-loaded bread to help it all adhere to your insides. Continue reading

Bipolar conversion in kids associated with family history By Tag Cowen.

Bipolar conversion in kids associated with family history By Tag Cowen, Senior medwireNews Reporter Transformation from bipolar disorder not in any other case specified to a analysis of bipolar We or II disorder is common amongst children, analysis confirms, and is predicted by a family group history of feeling disorders. In a report of 27 children, aged 6-12 years, with a analysis of BD-NOS, the group found that 33 percent changed into a medical diagnosis of BD I or BD II over a follow-up amount of 18 months . Kids with a family group history of feeling disorders in first-degree family members were over doubly more likely to covert as those without such a family group history. Continue reading

And microminipigs are valuable tools for biomedical research.

A THOROUGH Review content entitled Current Improvement of Genetically Constructed Pig Versions for Biomedical Analysis, describing advances in ways to create and make use of pig versions and their effect on the advancement of novel medicines and cell and gene therapies, is released in BioResearch Open Gain access to, a peer-examined journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The authors examine current improvement in creating transgenic pig versions for cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, neurodegenerative illnesses, ophthalmology, and xenotransplantation. Continue reading

BPA = Is YOUR CASH Dirty right form?

BPA = Is YOUR CASH Dirty? If coping with money causes you stress, this new research isn’t likely to make the vacation shopping season any much easier. Potentially toxic BPA – a right form .k.a, bisphenol A – has been entirely on dollar expenses in a recently available investigation conducted by the Washington Toxics Coalition in Seattle. All but among the 22 expenses tested had been contaminated with the pollutant, which obtained notoriety when it had been found coating check out receipts. Continue reading

Through Cedar Hills Hospital.

Mason, president/CEO of BayCare, which includes 21,000 workers and may be the leading health program in the Tampa Bay region. ‘I've always said a great place to begin our Mission to boost the fitness of all we serve has been our own associates.’ TeamCare will open up June 5, close to the campuses of St. Joseph's Medical center in Morton and Tampa Plant Medical center in Clearwater. TeamCare is normally a pilot program that may expand to more places in BayCare and additional companies in the Tampa Bay region. Continue reading

For diagnosing cancers cases early and.

In the brand new work, utilizing a novel sialoglycan-microarray, the team found that sufferers with carcinomas have elevated degrees of antibodies to 1 specific Neu5Gc-containing sugar chain. This uncommon antigen arises from dietary Neu5Gc incorporation into the tumor marker Sialyl-Tn. It is the first example of a biomarker by means of human ‘xeno-autoantibodies’ to a dietary molecule. Related StoriesMD Anderson study reveals why chemotherapy medicines not effective for many pancreatic cancer patientsMeat-rich diet may increase kidney cancers riskViralytics enters into scientific trial collaboration agreement with MSDFollowing up on this discovery, the researchers also discovered that purified individual anti-Neu5Gc antibodies have immunotherapeutic potential: they particularly kill Neu5Gc-expressing mouse or human being tumors when used at higher concentrations. Continue reading