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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

Integrating state-of the-art Oncentra software and high-class brachytherapy equipment

The complete program for prostate brachytherapyNucletron Prostate Solutions is the first complete program for prostate brachytherapy, integrating state-of – the-art Oncentra software and high-class brachytherapy equipment. In addition to years evidence favorable cure rates, these advanced solutions shorten overall treatment time. While reducing risks for impotence and incontinence Available for two treatment types – Oncentra Seeds for permanent low dose rate seeds implantation and Oncentra Prostate for high dose rate – it offers the best choice of treatment for many patients with prostate cancer .

Breakthrough developments in gynecological brachytherapyWhether CT, MRI CT, MRI or other imaging techniques, Nucletron can offer a suitable applicator for gynecological brachytherapy. The latest in our range of applicators, the Multichannel Vaginal Cylinder for asymmetrical and advanced vaginal and cervical tumors, and the Rotterdam Cervix Applicator, for fast and repeatable treatments are developed. These two applicators give high precision in gynecological brachytherapy.

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