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AnaptysBio announces issuance of two fresh patents for SHM-XEL platform AnaptysBio

AnaptysBio announces issuance of two fresh patents for SHM-XEL platform AnaptysBio, Inc. These patents prolong AnaptysBio’s leadership in the use of somatic hypermutation for the discovery and optimization of antibodies and additional proteins . The claims in our patent portfolio range broadly from the usage of SHM in virtually any cell type to generate modified antibodies, to carrying out SHM for engineering any proteins using cell types such as for example lymphoid cells, like the DT40 and Ramos B lymphocyte cell lines.

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Analysis of intensive treatment units shows drug and alcohol abuse double threat of admission While the personal basic safety and health risks of drug and alcohol abuse are well-documented, a new study by researchers at LDS Hospital and Brigham Young University suggests material dependence increases medical costs by way of the intensive care unit. Analysis of intensive treatment device admissions at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City shows drug and alcoholic beverages abuse make an individual twice as apt to be admitted to intensive care, according to the new study, published in the December issue of Intensive Care Medicine. Since these individuals are admitted to a rigorous care device, which is geared to treat patients with a much higher acuity, medical costs are higher than for those admitted to a general ward in a healthcare facility, reported Mary Suchyta, M.D., lead author and a physician in Intermountain Medical LDS and Center Hospital.