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And blocking the action of this enzyme might lead to protection against renal disease in diabetes.

Arginase-2 enzyme has a major role in diabetic nephropathy The enzyme arginase-2 plays a major role in kidney failure, and blocking the action of this enzyme might lead to protection against renal disease in diabetes, according to researchers . We believe these arginase inhibitors may be among the new targets that can decelerate the progression of, or even prevent the development of, end-stage renal disease, said Alaa S. Awad, associate professor of nephrology, Penn State College of Medicine. In the United States diabetes is the leading cause of end-stage renal disease – – kidney failure – – causing almost 45 % of most cases. Currently the treatment for diabetics more likely to develop end-stage renal disease contains blood pressure and glucose control therapy and life-style changes.

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Arena, Eisai complete lorcaserin NDA end-of-review ending up in FDA Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Eisai Inc. Announced today the completion of an end-of-review meeting with the united states Food and Medication Administration for the lorcaserin New Drug Application . The conference discussions reinforce our placement that we have a path forward to seek FDA authorization of lorcaserin, said Jack Lief, Arena’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Based on guidance we have received from the agency, we are executing several activities and expect to resubmit the lorcaserin NDA by the ultimate end of 2011. As we continue discussions with the FDA to refine components of our plan, we might identify methods to shorten this timeline. We will provide more details about our plan on the conference call and webcast this early morning.