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Ambient assisted-living technology supports active ageing When I am less worried.

Ambient assisted-living technology supports active ageing ‘When I am less worried, I do not take into account the fact that I’m alone’: the words of an older Swedish one who participated in a recently available trial of European technology that supports active ageing. Loneliness from becoming disconnected from friends and family, fears about safety and health and worries about protection are some of the many burdens of later years tadalafil instruction . EU-funded researchers are proving how technology can alleviate the nagging problems. Like the person quoted above – who, according to carers, today talks about ‘Ambient assisted-living’ technology ‘a lot’ – dozens of older people across Europe have lately experienced firsthand the advantages of ICT applications that can make them feel safer and better, monitor their help and wellness them stay in touch with family and friends.

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Amenorrhea Symptoms Amenorrhea is a symptom of an underlying disorder rather than condition in and of itself. Additional symptoms could be present according to the associated condition. Galactorrhea , headache, or reduced peripheral eyesight could be a sign of an intracranial tumor. Increased hair regrowth in a male pattern may be caused by excess androgen . Vaginal dryness, sizzling flashes, night sweats, or disordered sleep may be an indicator of ovarian insufficiency or premature ovarian failure. Apparent weight weight or gain loss may be present.