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Preclinical results of ISF35 in CLL individuals presented at ASH 2010 Memgen.

Clinical, preclinical results of ISF35 in CLL individuals presented at ASH 2010 Memgen, LLC announced the presentation of clinical and preclinical outcomes for its lead product, ISF35, during the 52nd Annual Conference of the American Culture of Hematology in Orlando, Florida 1 tablet . Castro’s data display three of four individuals in the analysis responded, including two durable total responses which continue steadily to date with a median follow-up of 1. 5 years. Another poster presentation , entitled Immune Gene Therapy for Individuals with CLL Using Repeat Dose Intranodal Injection of Ad-ISF35, a Replication Incompetent Vector Expressing a Membrane-Stable CD40 Binding Protein, highlighted results from a continuing Phase II scientific trial evaluating multiple immediate intranodal injections of Ad-ISF35 in patients with high-risk, progressive CLL.

The winning researchers will accept their awards and present their analysis on April 10 at a reception in Washington, DC.. Clinical Research Forum announces winners of third annual Top 10 10 Clinical Research Accomplishment Awards The Clinical Research Forum has announced the winners of its third annual Top 10 10 Clinical Research Achievement Awards. The winning tasks represent the outstanding types of studies that benefit the health and well-being of the general public. Clinical research culminates years of simple and translational research to bring new treatments to patients, and I'm always excited to see the groundbreaking clinical study recognized every full calendar year by the Clinical Analysis Forum, said NIH Director Francis S.