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The province is the first in Canada to include Prevnar 13.

Prevnar 13 provides protection against six extra strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae that may cause invasive pneumococcal disease to the seven strains which were included in the previous vaccine, Prevnar which has been used in the province since 2003. On June 1 Vaccination with Prevnar 13 will start. ‘THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of British Columbia has demonstrated its leadership by giving its youngest citizens with the broadest feasible security against Streptococcus pneumoniae, the bacteria that may cause life-threatening pneumococcal disease,’ said John Helou, General Supervisor of Pfizer Specialty Care in Canada.5 showed their normal amyloid production dropped by 37 %, the researchers reported. Laughter, like and duty even now togethe hold the couple. It will require years of additional analysis to inform if that results in any protective effect. Citalopram and similar medications called SSRIs alleviate depression by affecting levels of the brain chemical serotonin; Sheline said citalopram most likely alters amyloid creation in a totally different way. In fact, another question is whether it’s even possible to tamp amyloid production down for long intervals or if your body would just get used to the drug and adjust.