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Following 13 people died in 10 states.

Kenneth Rosenman, chief of the division of occupational and environmental medicine at Michigan State University, said it is better to keep the chemical out from the bathroom. Methylene chloride vapors are heavier than atmosphere and likely remain in bathtubs after every application. To use products containing methylene chloride safely, work areas must be well-ventilated, and when levels of methylene chloride surpass recommended exposure limits, workers must use protective equipment, Rosenman, chief of the school’s Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, thursday said in a statement. In a small bathroom, it really is unlikely these products can be used safely. The record also says that the loss of life toll might be an underestimate, because nationwide databases don’t include self-employed workers plus some deaths might have been attributed to cardiovascular disease when they had been caused by the chemical.The best weight reduction app for moms will help you lose a whole lot of weight with no trouble and these apps could be of help you: 1. Fitness Buddy as the very best weight loss app It’s one of the better weight reduction app that you could find in cell phones today and it provide thousands of exercises which can be part of your daily routine aswell. Every exercise will allow you to keep an eye on your activity and you may also figure out how to do the movements accordingly. It had been made using full routines for butt also, for the upper body and for other areas of the body.