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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

Branded as FLOQSwabs.

COPAN announces US patent for evoluton in flocked swab technology COPAN has enjoyed widespread usage of its flocked swabs collection, branded as FLOQSwabs, in microbiology for the collection and transport of bacterial and viral samples. FLOQSwabs by COPAN have been shown through many independent studies to collect even more sample and elute the complete sample thus improving the detection and diagnosis of infectious disease agents. In spite of this success, the ongoing company has remained committed to continual development to optimize the sample collection, preservation and maximize the release of the target analyte into many assay platforms what-is-generic-sildenafil-citrate.html .

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Many oncoretroviruses are associated with animal diseases. In human beings, two retroviruses, called HTLV and XMRV, have been connected with a kind of leukemia and with prostate tumor. They have studied the molecular basis of the process, and have shown that it is powered by the envelope proteins of these viruses. Of all First, this protein comes with an essential mechanical role, since it induces the fusion of viral particles with the mark cell membrane, permitting them to penetrate into the cell thus. Using a mouse style of contamination with a murine leukemia virus, the researchers showed that this envelope protein also has a second role that is equally necessary to viral propagation in your body: it really is immunosuppressive, or in other words it inhibits the web host immune response in a radical way, affecting both innate and adaptive immune responses.