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Poised to wreak genomic havoc.

Cells lose capability to defend against transposons because they age Even inside our DNA there is no refuge from rogues that prey on the elderly viagra brand name . Parasitic strands of genetic material called transposable components – transposons – lurk inside our chromosomes, poised to wreak genomic havoc. Cells possess evolved ways to defend themselves, but in a new study, Brown University researchers describe how cells lose this ability because they age, possibly resulting in a decline within their function and health. Barbara McClintock, awarded the Nobel Prize in 1983, made the original discovery of transposons in maize. Since that time scientists have found cases where the chaos they bring can have got long-term benefits by raising genetic diversity in organisms, however in most situations the chaos degrades cell function, such as by disrupting useful genes.

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Mobile phones: 50 % upsurge in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children The Office of National Statistics in the United Kingdom uncovered a 50 % upsurge in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children during the ten year span covering 1999 to 2009. Was this due to cell phone radiation? The Department of Health in the UK would appear to think so. One in three children under the age group of ten currently includes a cellphone within their possession. The governmental agency put out the next statement: ‘Children should just use cell phones for essential purposes and keep all calls short.’ The reality: while adults definitely absorb some radiation from using cellphones, children are in greater risk considerably. When compared to adults, children’s brains may take in up to three times the amount of radiation.