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Passive ventilation significantly increases survival rates.

Instead, they used a facemask delivering a continuous, low-pressure circulation of oxygen. Our results provide compelling proof that positive pressure ventilation is not optimal in the original management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, says business lead writer Bentley Bobrow, MD, emergency physician at Maricopa INFIRMARY in Phoenix and associate professor of crisis medication at the UA University of Medicine. The work from our EMS companies in Arizona further questions the longstanding dogma of tracheal intubation and ventilation for cardiac arrest.This may expand the number for diseases and circumstances that they may be ideal for. Atala’s team happens to be analyzing the cells for their potential to treat diabetes and kidney disease. They were the first ever to report success in isolating stem cells from placenta and amniotic liquid, which surrounds the developing fetus. The existing study is one of several projects made to determine the potential of this new type of stem cell. For the study, scientists generated two additional lines of stem cells from amniotic liquid using the same process produced by Atala’s lab.