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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

Their findings.

By using a combination of brand-new and established mouse models for human tumor, we were able to confirm that aneuploidy causes cancers and elucidate the system by which it does so, explains Jan van Deursen, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic cancer biologist and senior author. Significance of the extensive research These results explain how chromosomal mistakes can cause cancer. They prove the part of aneuploidy in the elimination of genes that suppress tumor formation. Now that we understand the system by which aneuploidy causes cancer, it will be far easier for other researchers to build on this knowledge – and target fresh drugs accordingly, says Dr. Van Deursen.. Animal research demonstrates how entire chromosome changes cause cancer Mayo Clinic experts have proven the longstanding theory that changes in the number of whole chromosomes – – called aneuploidy – – can cause cancer by eliminating tumor suppressor genes.The most important issue is putting all the factors together to determine who can most benefit from this approach. The group plans to increase the analysis into MD Anderson patients treated after 2005. Since 2005, treatment methods have improved, including the ability to add targeted therapies to chemotherapy, she said. In the future we will look at the effects of newer agents, and we anticipate the results could be more favorable for ladies who received these treatments before surgery even. .

CMS awards $306M to states for enrolling more kids in Medicaid The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services on Wednesday awarded $306 million in bonuses to 23 states for enrolling more children in Medicaid. The move is intended to help offset the expense of covering more children in the state-federal healthcare program.