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The statement appears in ACS journal Nano Letters.

‘Cell membrane capsules’ created from real living cells improve functional medication delivery The search for better means of encapsulating medicine so that it can reach diseased areas of the body has led scientists to harness – for the very first time – living human cells to produce organic capsules with channels for releasing medicines and diagnostic agents. The statement appears in ACS’ journal Nano Letters. In the survey, Dayang Wang and co-workers explain that the body is very efficient at removing foreign substances. Some foreign chemicals, such as for example viruses, are dangerous and really should be removed. But the body also considers medicines and nanoparticles – meant to treat diseases and invite physicians to find cells and organs – to be international objects, and they are also removed quickly.CRI researcher receives grant from DIPG to analyze on pediatric brain tumors Javad Nazarian, PhD, a researcher with Children's Analysis Institute at Kids's National, is the recipient of a $99,979 grant from the DIPG Collaborative for his proposal entitled, Comparative Proteomic and RNA Sequencing of DIPGs. The DIPG Collaborative is certainly a respected association of foundations funding pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma analysis. DIPG can be an aggressive, fatal mind tumor in the pons of the brainstem that comprises nearly 15 % of most pediatric human brain tumors. With the grant financing, researchers will perform targeted proteomics, which may be the scholarly study of the protein function and pathways, for analyzing distinctive DIPG subtypes, and RNA expression profiling with the goal of assessing genomic expression design of DIPG tumors.