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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

AMD is usually a chronic disease that affects the central portion of the retina of the optical eyes.

Although macular degeneration does not affect someone’s peripheral vision, the increased loss of obvious central eyesight can destroy the capability to read, drive and identify people’s faces without leading to total blindness. It is one of the leading factors behind severe vision reduction in old age and the researchers from the University of Sydney state their study provides strong proof the link between using tobacco and this particular loss of eyesight. Of the participants, more than 50 percent were lifelong nonsmokers, 35.5 percent were former smokers and the rest of the 13 percent were current smokers.If the hemorrhoids are painful, steroid suppositories might lessen the soreness. Stay properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Straining with bowel motions will extend the episiotomy scar and perineum and may cause pain. Avoid constipation by consuming fiber-rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. If you do obtain constipated, you can gently push through to your perineum as you bear down gently. Kegel exercises reinforce and tone pelvic muscle tissue and lessen perineal discomfort. Kegel exercises are little actions of the vaginal muscles similar to the movement you make if you are trying to avoid urinating.