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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

BPA = Is YOUR CASH Dirty right form?

BPA = Is YOUR CASH Dirty? If coping with money causes you stress, this new research isn’t likely to make the vacation shopping season any much easier. Potentially toxic BPA – a right form .k.a, bisphenol A – has been entirely on dollar expenses in a recently available investigation conducted by the Washington Toxics Coalition in Seattle. All but among the 22 expenses tested had been contaminated with the pollutant, which obtained notoriety when it had been found coating check out receipts.

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BMEYE signs licensing contract with PULSION Medical Systems BMEYE’s Breakthrough Totally non-invasive BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE and Cardiac Result Technology Will end up being Incorporated Into PULSION’s Next Era Individual Monitors BMEYE B.V., the innovators of a noninvasive combined beat-to-beat blood circulation pressure and cardiac result monitoring system totally, and PULSION Medical Systems AG, a respected expert in minimally invasive important care and cardiovascular individual monitoring, reach agreement on an internationally, nonexclusive license that allows BMEYE’s technology to end up being built-into PULSION’s next era hemodynamic patient monitoring option.