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Calorie Counting Ads Strike NYC Subways Craving a burrito with sour guacamole and cream?

Calorie Counting Ads Strike NYC Subways Craving a burrito with sour guacamole and cream? What if you understood it had over fifty % the calorie consumption you should eat per day? The city Health Division is growing its healthy-eating marketing campaign with subway ads that state most adults should limit themselves to 2,000 calories day time. Monday in about 1 Posters that appeared,000 subway cars provide calorie counts for many menu products – like 470 for a huge apple bran muffin or 1,170 for a poultry burrito with toppings. The three-month ad advertising campaign is intended to build on the city’s brand-new regulation requiring chain restaurants to create calorie counts on the menus generic or brand .

Cambodian health officials expand HIV/AIDS prevention education to main schools The Cambodian Ministry of Health has begun training primary education teachers in 12 provinces on HIV/AIDS prevention education, the Phnom Penh Post reports. Health officials stated that although children in primary school are not regarded as a high-risk people, they need to be educated on the disease. Mean Chhi Vun – – director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STDs – – said the training students certainly are a group of people we need to pay attention to because they. Will be the backbone of the country. Secondary-school aged students presently are receiving HIV/Helps education, and the scheduled programs are being used as a model for the new primary school initiative, relating to Pen Saroeun, director of the Ministry of Education’s School Health Department.