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II or IIIA breast cancer in 1999 January-April 2005th The women.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and colleagues at the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer and Leukemia Group B looked at 412 women who received the drug as adjuvant therapy in stage I, II or IIIA breast cancer in 1999 January-April 2005th The women, whose average age was 64 included 141 patients who developed TEs and 271 who did not.. To determine whether the factor V Leiden gene mutation increases the risk of thromboembolism in women taking tamoxifen, worn.

.. The researchers concluded that the presence of breast cancer may influence the occurrence of TEs in patients receiving tamoxifen. Chemotherapy is also believed that by reducing the risk of TEs anticoagulant and vascular damage increased. However, even though half the women in this study had also received chemotherapy, the study showed no statistically significant difference in chemotherapy exposure between the women who developed TEs and those who did not. Sun chemotherapy, the researchers concluded, was unlikely to explain the prevalence of the FVL mutation among women with TEs in this study. The risk of TE was also associated with smoking and family and personal history of TEs. Continue reading

But the new study found no significant influence on the measures.

Previous research on the impact of similar types of stress has caused changes in the length of gestation and birth weight found, but the new study found no significant influence on the measures, said Currie.

PREZISTA should be used with caution in patients with impaired liver function are applied. There are no data regarding the use of PREZISTA in patients with varying degrees of hepatic impairment, therefore, specific dosage recommendations can not be made. Redistribution and / or accumulation of body fat have been observed in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy. The causal relationship, mechanism , and long-term consequences of these events have not been established. Continue reading