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And NHS budget ring fenced Be?

And NHS budget ring fenced Be?Is the government’s decision to ring fence NHS funding fair? Two experts debate the issue on bmj.John Appleby, Chief Economist at the King’s Fund argues that the alternative to fencing is too painful. If the NHS were not protected it should cuts of approximately 14 percent of the budget to find in the coming years, he writes.

– On the other side of the debate, David Hunter, Professor of Health Policy and Management at Durham University, argues that, far from improving public health, ring fencing may have the opposite effect.. Protected self, the NHS have substantial improvements substantial improvements in the efficiency and productivity in the years if budgets budgets increasing demands meet growing demands and costs, he warns. – main argument for the protection of the NHS that this is what the public wants, says Appleby. Of the publicecent survey, 82 percent of the NHS should not be cut, say, with only 2 percent, it should be. Continue reading