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Although doctors can continue to biopsy the cancers during the treatment and send samples for genomic analysis, not all individuals can receive do it again biopsies. Acquiring biopsies from metastatic tumor patients can be an invasive procedure that it’s frequently impossible due to the insufficient accessible lesions. Research published October 10th in the journal Breast Cancer Research suggest that tumor cells circulating in the bloodstream of metastatic patients could provide as accurate a genomic read-out as tumor biopsies. Counting the number of circulating tumor cells can reveal whether a patient's cancers is aggressive, or whether it is responding and steady to therapy, says the article's first author Sandra V. Continue reading

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To learn more about Rexin – G and Epeius ‘ pipeline of proprietary compounds currently available for partnership or clinical trials,Physician – with are often less successful in obtaining NIH fundingPhysician researchers with only an MD degree are less likely receive NIH research funding, a researcher with a Ph .D. Degree or those with both M. According to a study at the 13th June issue of JAMA. – decline in the number of physician – scientist applicants and recipients of National Institutes of Health research and training awards in the 1970s generated concerns that physician clinical investigators an endangered species would be if trends continue unchanged; the authors write. There has been no comprehensive analysis over a long period of results for the first-time investigators with an MD applying for research grants.

The researchers found Ph. The annual number of first-time physician candidates was stable during the four decades studied. The average annual %age of first-time applicants with an MD, the grants were increased by 28 %. While for applicants with a Ph.D. Was 31 % and for applicants with an MD and Ph. 34 % If these applicants applies for the first time, the means to obtained a first R01 grant application for a second R01 grant, a lower %age of applicants with an MD only received funding than candidates with a Ph.D. and average applicants with an MD and Ph.D. . Continue reading