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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

California Picture

California state is like no other place. It has some of the most beautiful and unique locations and scenery. Ocean beaches, mountains and deserts, freeways and big modern cities, breathtaking scenery, exotic vegetation and abundant wildlife.

This is California.

Photography in our gallery and the links to related galleries provide for a glimpse of what a California picture might be.


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Industry and educational leaders work to transform the countrys health information program.

Substitutability of healthcare applications gives patients and doctors choice in what best fits their needs. Related StoriesBoston Children's Medical center selects Vijay G. Sankaran to receive Rising Star AwardBoston Children's and Rock Health team up to accelerate development of pediatric health technologiesFirst hospital installs Ortho Vision AnalyzerClayton Christensen, professor in Harvard Business College and author of The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care, motivated promotion of disruptive innovation in health it strongly. Continue reading

Ban smoking in vehicles?

In the U.K., smoking in public areas automobiles like buses and trains is definitely banned, but there is absolutely no law against cigarette smoking in private cars. Smoking cigarettes causes many deadly health issues, including cardiovascular disease and stroke along with numerous types of cancer. In the U.S., smoking causes around 443,000 deaths a year – a lot more than HIV/AIDS, illegal drug use, alcoholic beverages abuse, car accidents, suicides, and murders mixed, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading

CT Scan Risks CT scan is an extremely low-risk procedure.

This contrast can help distinguish normal tissues from abnormal tissues. In addition, it helps to help differentiate blood vessels from other structures such as lymph nodes. Like any medicine, some public people can have a serious reaction to the contrast. The opportunity of a fatal a reaction to the contrast is approximately 1 in 100,000. Those at increased risk might require special pretreatment and should have the test in a hospital establishing. Anyone who has experienced a prior comparison reaction or serious allergic reaction to other medications, has asthma or emphysema, or has severe heart disease reaches increased risk for a contrast reaction and is referred to a hospital X-ray department for the exam.Any time an injection is performed into a vein, there is a risk of the contrast leaking beyond the vein beneath the skin. Continue reading

Boku unveils Matcha GREEN TEA EXTRACT with extraordinary nutritional profile.

Boku unveils Matcha GREEN TEA EXTRACT with extraordinary nutritional profile; 500 percent even more antioxidants than goji berries The good thing about the health great things about green tea extract just keeps improving, it seems. In the last 2 yrs just, we’ve published a large number of tales about green tea extract and its remarkably wide range of health advantages . Today And, probably the most respected superfood businesses in medical products market has announced the start of its Boku Super Matcha GREEN TEA EXTRACT . Continue reading

The researchers.

We view our clients as partners and look forward to dealing with Central Ohio Principal Care Physicians.. Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research This week scientists of the Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology will once more publish a breakthrough within their research regarding Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers, this time around linked to the Catholic University of Leuven, uncovered the function of 1 of the very most important proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease. They possess indicated that the proteins stimulates the development of nerve paths in the mind, which is vital for recovery after mind damage. Continue reading

Minnesota Open public Radio: Klobuchar.

Amy Klobuchar and Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen plan to announce the caucus Monday in Minneapolis . The Hill: Health Care Law Prompts Ellmers’ Work Rep. Renee Ellmers is one of seven nurses in Congress, and among the a lot more than 30 freshmen who had under no circumstances held workplace before January. This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent information service, is a scheduled plan of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan healthcare policy research firm unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.. Continue reading

A report published in the journal Arthritis Study & Therapy reveals that anti-malarial drugs.

Anti-malarials most effective in lupus patients at risk of high levels of TNF-alpha genetically Anti-malarial drugs are most reliable in people with lupus who are genetically predisposed to high levels of tumour necrosis factor alpha and low degrees of the cytokine IL-10. A report published in the journal Arthritis Study & Therapy reveals that anti-malarial drugs, widely used to take care of systemic lupus erythematosus , bring serum levels of tumour necrosis factor alpha back again to regular in SLE patients. Continue reading

Said diet and diet expert

Bayer Consumer Treatment introduces One A Day time Menopause Formula to greatly help address hot flashes September is Menopause Recognition Month and women beginning the changeover into menopause have significantly more information and assets than ever to start out taking control of their menopause symptoms . It could be considered a challenge for females going through this new lease of life stage to find the nutrients they want, said diet and diet expert, Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, CNS. Continue reading

Has established an exclusive licensing contract with Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd.

Related StoriesRXi Pharmaceuticals begins Phase 1/2 medical trial in ophthalmologyUniversity of Leicester awarded BBSRC grant to explore three essential areas that impact human healthFirst individual of U.S. Beka Solomon from Tel Aviv University identified that TAR-1 binds to and restores the wild-type active conformation of mutant p53 proteins with a high degree of specificity, resulting in in vivo inhibition of tumor growth. Given the rate of recurrence of mutant p53 in cancer, TAR-1 has the potential to focus on a wide range of individual cancers. Licensing TAR-1 demonstrates the progression of our technique to build our own Tumorgraft-powered pipeline of oncology medicines, which we be prepared to yield improved clinical development success rates, said Man Malchi, Champions Biotechnology’s Mind of Corporate Development and International Functions. Continue reading

China Botanic third-one fourth net sales increase 33.

Shareholders’ equity stood at $93.4 million, weighed against $ of October 31 8 million, 2010. July 31 Net cash flow from operating activities for the nine weeks finished, 2011 was $26.4 million in comparison to $22.9 million for the same period of 2010. Business Outlook ‘We will continue to focus on our botanical anti depression and nerve regulations items, and continue to invest in research and development of the products,’ said Mr. Li. ‘We stay confident that we will meet our fiscal year 2011 guidance for revenue in the range of $70.6 million and $71.7 million and net income of $25.5 million. We’ve completed the architectural style of our Ah City phase two task and are in the process of obtaining authorization from relevant government authorities. And be prepared to begin structure following receipt of authorization documents. Continue reading

BIACAL sponsors legislation to supply appropriate insurance plan.

BIACAL sponsors legislation to supply appropriate insurance plan, treatment for acquired brain injury To provide appropriate insurance plan and health care for acquired human brain injury survivors in the condition, the mind Injury Association of California , is sponsoring Senate Costs 190 , the mind Injury Usage of Rehabilitation Act of 2015 . Senate Bill 190 will enable usage of treatment of acquired human brain problems for specialized licensed facilities offering cost-effective care and attention in California. Enactment would assure insurance coverage on par with various other major medical conditions, which have no best time limitations on treatment. Continue reading

Big current information for ankylosing spondylitis sufferers By Dr Ananya Mandal.

The team discovered a mutation in another gene, ERAP1 that just appears in HLA-B27 positive AS sufferers. The finding suggests both of these genes interact in Concerning disrupt what sort of cells in the spinal and pelvic joints connect to the immune program. This may assist in the development of brand-new drugs say researchers. The study, published this complete week in the journal Character Genetics, has significant implications beyond Simply because also. It uncovered important, and perhaps surprising, new insights in to the disease. Continue reading

The prankster protesters have posted a few of these apparently real conversations on their website.

Section 215 extendedCongress provides simply authorized a two-month expansion of the unconstitutional and ineffective program so the spying can continue while they debate whether to reauthorize the program for another five years. The ACLU page also has a form designed for citizens to make use of to send a note to their particular Senators and Representatives calling for the revocation of Section 215. A story about the prank reveals some details about the protesters, who have sent the magazine an encrypted email describing their motives. From the e-mail: The NSA employs many third party contractors, [and] we consider ourselves to end up being contractors of this nature, albeit in a unpaid and unsanctioned capacity. We can attest to the fact all people recorded are NOT actors and so are not knowingly involved in the project at all. Continue reading

Are you really what you eat?

The lab will provide a reference for investigating the influence that different foods and products have on behaviour and well becoming, and also enabling experts to explore the efficacy of excess weight loss regimes and other dietary related health options. Researchers may also carry out in-depth research into how likes or dislikes for several foods are acquired and how they may be changed together with the impact this has on food choice, well-being and health. Related StoriesClinical dietitian provides tips to reduce red meat consumptionHi-Tech acquires LG Sciences make of Sports Nourishment and Bodybuilding productsProper iodine nutrition necessary during pregnancyResearchers may also have access to a variety of state of the art scanning services including EEG , MEG and MRI human brain imaging systems, making this facility exclusive. Continue reading

Which may last a person&39 doctor.

Another concern related to low birth weight identified Researchers have got identified another concern linked to low birth weight – a difference in how the body reacts to medications, which may last a person's entire life and further complicate treatment of diseases or illnesses that are managed with medications. The findings enhance the list of health problems that are already known to correspond to low birth weight, such as a predisposition for adult-onset diabetes, hypertension, and obesity doctor . The implication, experts say, is that low birth weight might not only cause increased disease, but it may also lessen the potency of the drugs used to treat those diseases. Continue reading