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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

California Picture

California state is like no other place. It has some of the most beautiful and unique locations and scenery. Ocean beaches, mountains and deserts, freeways and big modern cities, breathtaking scenery, exotic vegetation and abundant wildlife.

This is California.

Photography in our gallery and the links to related galleries provide for a glimpse of what a California picture might be.


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Americans living longer than ever Americans are living longer than previously.

For 29-year-previous newlywed, dying with dignity a personal questThe overall statistics suggest our society gets better at medically managing conditions like diabetes and heart disease, she stated. But maybe we’re not able to manage mental wellness as well, leading to devastating outcomes – the increasing suicide price, she stated. The CDC survey compiles information from all U.S. Death certificates from 2012. Researchers utilize the death rates to project how long people will live.. Americans living longer than ever Americans are living longer than previously, relating to a new government report filled up with good news mostly. Continue reading

Stated principal investigator Professor Keijiro Saku.

Carbonated beverage usage was considerably and positively connected with OHCAs of cardiac origin in Japan, indicating that beverage habits may have a direct effect on fatal CVD, said Professor Saku. The acid in carbonated drinks might play an important role in this association. Professor Saku concluded: Our data on carbonated beverage consumption is founded on expenditure and the association with OHCA is not causal. But the results do show that limiting consumption of carbonated beverages could be beneficial for health. .. Carbonated beverage consumption connected with out-of-medical center cardiac arrests of cardiac origin Carbonated beverages are associated with out-of-medical center cardiac arrests of cardiac origin, according to effects from the All-Japan Utstein Registry presented intended for the very first time today at ESC Congress. Continue reading

Aris Global introduces remedy suite for integrating data from EDC and clinical safety Aris Global.

Aris Global introduces remedy suite for integrating data from EDC and clinical safety Aris Global, a respected provider of software program solutions for the full life sciences industry, today introduced Total Clinical 2 .0, an integrated solution suite made to help life research organizations enter clinical protection data once and talk about seamlessly across their business. Total Clinical is available on a hosted, managed system and carries a full selection of delivery and support providers.0 integrates data from EDC and medical safety to help companies improve data regularity and accuracy through the elimination of redundancies in data entry, sAE and coding reconciliation. Continue reading

Today announced completion of a $13 million Series C funding.

CeNeRx BioPharma raises $13 million through Series C funding to support TriRima Phase II trial CeNeRx BioPharma, Inc., a clinical stage firm developing and commercializing innovative treatments for diseases of the central nervous program , today announced completion of a $13 million Series C funding. ‘These money will support the Phase II trial of TriRima as monotherapy for treatment-resistant depression,’ said Barry Brand, Chief Executive Officer of CeNeRx.’ Related StoriesEstradiol fluctuation may enhance psychological sensitivity to psychosocial stress during menopausal transitionUCLA launches second Grand Challenge to reduce health insurance and financial impacts of depressionComputerised cognitive behavioural therapy likely to be ineffective in major depression treatmentCeNeRx is preparing to conduct a Phase II trial with an improved formulation of its business lead product applicant TriRima for treatment-resistant melancholy.. Continue reading

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A small home fitness space can easily fit into your basement or actually in a small corner of your property. Choosing to purchase a multi-purpose fitness machine for your home gym could help you save cash by merging many types of workout equipment into one fitness machine. These all in a single machine also take up less space after that their seperate counterparts. If you are hoping to get an all in a single home gym then there are a few things that you need to consider. One of the is your workout goals. Ask yourself, what exactly are you hoping to achive from your workouts? When you solution this issue you can narrow your decision to products that will have the most benifit to you. Continue reading

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Another role for protein Mer in novel, targeted cancer treatments Because the mid-1990s, doctors have had the protein Mer in their sights – it coats the exterior of cancer cells, transmitting signals in the cells that aid their uncontrolled growth. A University of Colorado Cancer Middle study, released in the journal PLoS ONE recently, found another home for Mer – inside malignancy cells’ nuclei – as well as perhaps another role for this protein that can point the way to novel, targeted remedies. We’ve known that leukemic B and T cells have got a whole lot of Mer on their surface, while regular lymphocytes have non-e, and that protein promotes cancer cell survival, says Justine Migdall, MD/PhD candidate working in the lab of Douglas Graham, MD, PhD, CU Cancer Middle investigator and associate professor of pediatrics and immunology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine viagra for women . Continue reading

Cancer tumor develops from fungal attacks.

Robert Small: Bacterias, yeast/fungi, and mold are not the cause of a cancerous condition but are the result and the evidence of cells and cells biologically transforming from a wholesome state into an harmful state. Dr. Young astutely observed that, over-acidification of your body prospects to the development of chronic yeast and fungal infections and ultimately a cancerous condition of the cells and tissues. Further backing this theory may be the knowing that yeasts like Candida are anaerobes – which means they generate their energy in the absence of oxygen. Once in the bloodstream, they can colonize in certain parts of the body and reduce oxygen levels dramatically. Continue reading

Reported ABC News.

A crisis room employee working that night offered an anonymous interview, in fear of retaliation from the hospital, stating that he experienced the incident had been ‘protected up’ by the service so that they can conceal any wrongdoing. The hospital employee blames the incident on short staffing and admits that there’s no procedure or policy that includes checking up on individuals once they’ve received the original essential checks upon arrival. Attempting to avoid being at fault, the hospital promises that they did actually check on Verrier many times; nevertheless, the anonymous hospital employee disputes these promises, calling them ‘completely fake.’ He added, ‘[W]as his name known as? Yes.’ But, ‘Based on [the] amount of people in the waiting space it is impossible to be sure of each person physically.’ Medical center spokesperson Steven Clark insists that security checked on several individuals, including Verrier, affirming that ‘all hospital suggestions were fulfilled.’ The ER worker said, if a healthcare facility fails to own up to their mistake, it will certainly again happen. Continue reading

A discovery and early safety evaluation company.

The inner research, completed by Cellumen, centered on a couple of 178 compounds spanning diverse chemical classes with published human DILI scores. Cellumen applied its proprietary Rat Hepatocyte Early Protection Assessment Panel consisting of freshly harvested hepatocytes, eight cellular features, three period points, and a 10 point dose response. The panel was analyzed on a high-content imaging platform and a classifier built to predict human being DILI ratings. Using this optimized Rodent Hepatocyte Panel, Cellumen achieved completely specificity with 50 % sensitivity nearly.. Continue reading

Obese children were found to get a higher rate of challenging mask ventilation.

Childhood obesity network marketing leads to raised rate of problems during surgery Add this to the developing list of health challenges confronted by obese kids: A new research from the University of Michigan Wellness Program finds that obese children are more likely than normal-weight children to have problems with airway obstruction and other breathing-related functions during surgery . Obese children were found to get a higher rate of challenging mask ventilation, airway obstruction, main oxygen desaturation , and other airway problems. The scholarly study appears in the March problem of the journal Anesthesiology. Continue reading

Autoimmune disease.

Keep in mind that your skin layer is a sponge, bathing in whatever you placed on it. You must eliminate the overgrowth of Candida within your body. Almost everyone who’s sick in any true way is experiencing Candida overgrowth. To heal the physical body, eliminate the Candida and heal the gut. You have to move. Your lymphatic program is an integral section of your disease fighting capability. To be able to properly work, it must circulate. Rebounding is definitely the best exercise to go the lymph, but various other exercise works aswell. Continue reading

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Highlights from this year’s agenda include: CTO Revascularization: An Evidence Basis For Enhancing Clinical Outcomes and Global Styles CTO Fundamentals: What Every Interventionalist OUGHT TO KNOW The Retrograde Forum: Advanced Methods The Antegrade Discussion board: Advanced Methods Adjunctive CTO Imaging: Advanced Methods Growing the CTO Toolbox: Novel Technologies Live coronary CTO situations broadcast in hi-def from Scripps Clinic and Research Base and Columbia University Medical Center Also for the first time this season, CRF will unveil CTO Live which will bring the live situations and featured lectures presented in NY directly to those people who are unable to attend in person. Continue reading

Aviir to increase comprehensive inherited coronary disease genetic test menu Aviir Inc.

Aviir to increase comprehensive inherited coronary disease genetic test menu Aviir Inc., a biotechnology business focused on the prevention of coronary disease through innovative laboratory lab tests, announced that it will be extending its provided services with extensive inherited coronary disease genetic test menu. The newly validated checks cover the significant reasons of cardiomyopathies, arrhythmia disorders, and other transmitted diseases that affect the heart and vasculature genetically . Each test is designed for testing in both familial and individual settings. Continue reading

Carticept Medical completes $20M Series B financing round Carticept Medical.

Related StoriesHigh dosage flu vaccines significantly decrease hospitalization risk during influenza seasonESCMID, ESWI demand increased flu vaccination protection amongst healthcare professionalsTaking techniques to prevent, drive back flu2009 H1N1 is a fresh influenza virus that was detected in the United States in April 2009. As such, children and young adults are less likely than the elderly to have immunity to the virus, and illness could be more serious and widespread consequently. In June 2009, the World Health Business announced the pass on of the novel 2009 H1N1 virus had reached pandemic phase 6, the best level of pandemic alert designated by the organization. Continue reading

A respected provider of tools and services for medication discovery.

, a respected provider of tools and services for medication discovery, life sciences research and molecular diagnostics, today announced the launch of XenoLight RediJect COX-2 Probe , a novel fluorescent imaging agent for pre-clinical analysis that particularly detects the cyclooxygenase-2 biomarker noninvasively in live animal models as well as in ex vivo cells analysis applications. The COX-2 fluorescent probe technology was invented at the extensive research laboratory of Dr. Continue reading