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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

California Picture

California state is like no other place. It has some of the most beautiful and unique locations and scenery. Ocean beaches, mountains and deserts, freeways and big modern cities, breathtaking scenery, exotic vegetation and abundant wildlife.

This is California.

Photography in our gallery and the links to related galleries provide for a glimpse of what a California picture might be.


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CNN examines nodding disease among kids in Northern Uganda CNN examines nodding disease.

CNN examines nodding disease among kids in Northern Uganda CNN examines nodding disease, a seizure disorder that has affected at least 3,000 children in Northern Uganda, in addition to kids in Liberia, Sudan, and Tanzania medicinsk produkt . Although disease has no known cause or remedy, ‘there are clues,’ the news headlines service notes, composing, ‘WHO officials state 93 % of cases are located in areas also with the parasitic worm Onchocerca Volvulus, which causes river blindness and is usually carried by the Dark Fly. And many cases show a insufficiency in Vitamin B6. Diet seems to play an important role also.’ Related StoriesStudy links antibiotic make use of during childhood to fat gainUnderstanding the sources of sudden death in epilepsy: an interview with Professor Sanjay SisodiyaArtemisinin and the fight against malaria: an interview with Dr. Continue reading

China bypasses Big Pharma patents.

China’s action plan at the workshop appeared to confirm that it intends to become a generic producer for the domestic and worldwide market.’ China plans to export generic versions of patented drugsWhat this implies is that China could have the opportunity to produce low-cost, generic variations of patented medicines, and export them abroad, including to America. Expensive drugs like the cancer medication tenofovir , for instance, could soon become available as a much-cheaper ‘copy’ of the initial. Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, made a similar move in his country back in 2009, although Ecuador hasn’t necessarily become a major exporter of copycat medications like China programs to accomplish. Continue reading

Cannabis Science seeks entry into European medical cannabis market Cannabis Technology Inc.

Cannabis Science seeks entry into European medical cannabis market Cannabis Technology Inc. , a pioneering US biotech organization developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, is pleased to announce that the business is currently raising functioning capital in the European marketplace and going after listings on the Frankfurt and various other major European exchanges. Cannabis Research is vigorously seeking entry in to the European medical cannabis marketplace on the footsteps of GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPharm . Continue reading

Sufferers might develop other illnesses.

However, it is a must to learn everything about the condition. Sufferers should see to it to know the causes of heartburn in order to effectively devise the best ways to eliminate it. With that said, people can have the chance to keep up with the quality of their health insurance and eliminate any indications of heartburn. First, they need to know very well what exactly heartburn is. They must be acquainted with everything that impacts the low esophageal sphincter to learn how to get rid of the problem. Oftentimes, there are underlying factors that may worsen the problem. One of the most important stuff to take into consideration is the food people are eating. Greasy foods and the ones foods with high unwanted fat contents should be eliminated from the diet. It tends to slow down the digestion and increase the strain on the lower esophageal sphincter. Continue reading

Calls were being made for governments already.

‘These associations is highly recommended when interpreting Cirrus HD-OCT [spectral-domain optical coherence tomography] macular measurements,’ recommend Youthful Hoon Hwang and Yong Yeon Kim . Related StoriesMultimodality at the guts for Advanced Biomedical Imaging: an interview with Professor Tag Lythgoe, UCLCompact MRI and multimodality: an interview with Bernard Siow, UCLLaser eyes surgery: a glimpse in to the long term – An interview with Professor Dan ReinsteinThe set investigated associations between refractive mistake/axial size and macular thickness in several 336 healthy men aged the average 21 years with visible acuity 6/6 or better, regular intraocular pressure, no retinal abnormalities apart from myopic peripapillary atrophy, to determine whether age group affected myopic adjustments in the macular. Continue reading

Scientists have already been searching for biological proof to prove his state.

Brain cleverness and size are related People who have bigger brains are smarter than their smaller-brained counterparts, according to a report conducted by a Virginia Commonwealth University researcher published in the journal Cleverness . The analysis could settle a long-standing up scientific debate about the partnership between human brain size and intelligence. Since German anatomist and physiologist Frederick Tiedmann wrote in 1836 that there is an indisputable connection between your size of the mind and the mental energy shown by the average person man, scientists have already been searching for biological proof to prove his state. Continue reading

Collaborative home-based palliative look after heart failure effective in UK By Sarah Guy.

Neither of these parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.. Collaborative home-based palliative look after heart failure effective in UK By Sarah Guy, medwireNews Reporter A collaborative home-based palliative care services for individuals with advanced congestive heart failure could increase their likelihood of dying in their host to choice, show UK research results. Furthermore, the services led to reduced inpatient admission rates, report the researchers. The results revealed lower general expenditure among CHF sufferers who took component in the Better Collectively pilot study compared with their counterparts who did not , with cost benefits made in one case. The collaborative team providing care beneath the pilot initiative included British Heart Foundation heart failure professional nurses, Marie Curie Malignancy Treatment nurses, and Marie Curie Cancers Care health care assistants who worked well alongside cardiologists, care of the elderly consultants, district nurses, and general practitioners. Continue reading

Bushs Emergency Plan for AIDS Comfort.

Bush Administration Undermining Globe Health Organisation Guidelines Since the launch of President George W. Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Comfort, the U.S. Global Helps coordinator and former CEO of Eli Lilly, Randall Tobias, and additional Bush administration officials have made open public remarks that question the quality of generic antiretroviral medicines and undermine worldwide quality specifications set by the Globe Health Business. Continue reading

Blood Test: C-Peptide What It Is C-peptide.

Blood Test: C-Peptide What It Is C-peptide, just like the hormone insulin, is stated in the pancreas. Both are released concurrently from the pancreas when the substance called proinsulin is put into two pieces both Cialis and Viagra . Insulin is in charge of regulating the body’s sugar levels. Glucose, your body’s main way to obtain energy, is a sugars that originates from foods. After a meal, our anatomies breakdown the foods we consume into glucose and other nutrients, which are after that absorbed in to the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract. Continue reading

Costing the country billions in medical expenses.

Studies in the 1990s estimated the expense of medical care for sleep problems at $15.9 billion, the report said. In addition, it said, fatigue is estimated to price businesses roughly $150 billion a season in lost efficiency and mishaps, and harm from motor vehicle accidents involving tired motorists quantities to at least $48 billion a year. Just last week, the National Sleep Base issued a written report showing that just 20 % of the nation’s adolescents get the recommended nine hours of rest every night. Because of this about one in four in this age group had dozed off in course and many drove while drowsy and were late for school.. Continue reading

Asian countries should increase rice reserves to avoid food insecurity.

The record, citing figures from the U.N. This article is usually republished with kind authorization from our friends at The Kaiser Family members Foundation. You will see the complete Kaiser Daily Health Policy Record, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery of in-depth coverage of wellness policy developments, debates and discussions. The Kaiser Daily Wellness Policy Report is released for, a free of charge service of The Henry J. Continue reading

The results are released in current problem of The Lancet The scholarly research in which 12 solution.

Dark men in Britain have significantly more lovers Dark British men have 9 times as much lovers throughout their lifetimes as Pakistani men, according to fresh data which follows analysis of sexual habits of different ethnic groups in Britain in the next British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. The results are released in current problem of The Lancet The scholarly research in which 12,110 women and men aged between 16 and 44 were questioned in what they got up to in bed found that dark Caribbean and dark African guys reported having typically nine sexual partners, weighed against white guys who acquired six solution . Indian males reported having two fans and Pakistani guys had only one within their lifetimes. Black males had even more sexually transmitted contamination and were much more likely to participate in dangerous sexual behaviour such as for example having unprotected intercourse and spending money on sex. White females were found with an typical of five sexual companions, black Caribbean females four, black African ladies three, and Indian and Pakistani ladies each had only 1 sexual partner. White females were much more likely to participate in dangerous sexual behaviour than various other ethnic groups, however they were less inclined to admit to STIs than dark women. It was discovered that Indians and Pakistanis had been the last to reduce their virginity and in addition had considerably lower prevalence of STIs. Dr Kevin Fenton, of University University London, who led the scholarly research, says that for the very first time there exists a clearer knowledge of the complex romantic relationship between your sexual lifestyles of Britain’s main ethnic organizations and the chance of sexually transmitted attacks and discovered that on average individuals who had a lot of lovers were much more likely to survey an STI. Fenton says that sexual behaviour only will not explain the variations in STIs among ethnic groupings, cultural factors, marriage and age patterns, and varying degrees of infection in various communities are all apt to be important in explaining distinctions. Continue reading

Alopecia areata Treatment: An Overview Medical science has come a long way.

Avid and Cardinal Wellness today announced that a lot more than 100 medical centers and a lot more than 700 sufferers have finally participated in a Stage III clinical trial that’s screening whether Avid’s molecular imaging agent Florbetapir F 18 can identify Alzheimer’s disease in living sufferers. Florbetapir F 18 can be used with positron emission tomography technology to identify beta-amyloid plaque deposits in the mind. A critical element in the effective enrollment of individuals in these considerable Florbetapir medical trials offers been Cardinal Health’s capability to produce and deliver fluorine 18 , the natural material had a need to create imaging brokers like Florbetapir. Continue reading

The German Southwest.

Baden-W-rttemberg’s study and analysis to end up being presented at AAAS Annual Conference 2011 Baden-W-rttemberg, the German Southwest, may be the state-of-the-art region in Europe, focused on science and education especially. A share of 4.4 percent of the State’s GDP is committed to research and development – a lot more than in most countries all over the world . Baden-W-rttemberg supplies the highest density of research universities and institutions in Germany. To present types of the State’s excellence in study and innovative power, representatives from three of Germany’s premier universities in addition to from the STATE will go to the AAAS Annual Achieving 2011. Continue reading

A united group led by physicist David D.

Technology centered on this idea could offer hospitals with an easy, easy method to monitor patient wellness.’ Nolte plus some users of his group will be accessible on Tuesday to talk with the mass media about their work through the Meeting on Lasers and Electro Optics . Associates consist of chemistry professor Fred E. Physics and Regnier graduate college students Manoj Varma and Leilei Peng, most of Purdue. These microscopic pits, which represent binary types or zeroes based on their size, are etched in concentric tracks circling the midpoint from the internal to the outer advantage of a CD. ‘It really is these pits which we transform into miniature check tubes,’ Nolte stated. ‘Each pit can take a trace level of a chemical substance that reacts to a particular protein within the blood.’ Bloodstream contains a lot more than 10,000 proteins that physicians wish to monitor, and Nolte stated up to 10,000 tracks on a CD could possibly be paired up with a different proteins. Continue reading