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California Picture is a collection of art photography and art photographic prints of California scenic views and wildlife.

California Picture

California state is like no other place. It has some of the most beautiful and unique locations and scenery. Ocean beaches, mountains and deserts, freeways and big modern cities, breathtaking scenery, exotic vegetation and abundant wildlife.

This is California.

Photography in our gallery and the links to related galleries provide for a glimpse of what a California picture might be.


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Canon to preview CR-2 Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camcorder at AAO Annual Meeting Canon U.

The CX-1 allows an individual to consider one-shot FAF photography in a standard configuration, for both mydriatic and non-mydriatic modes. Fundus autofluorescence, or FAF, may be the occurrence of autofluorescence in macular waste, particularly Lipofuscin. Examinations that check and monitor autofluorescent waste are a key part of age-related macular degeneration detection. Using the non-mydriatic mode not only saves time and resources, it could make the diagnostic method more comfortable for the patient also. The CF-1 Mydriatic Digital Retinal Surveillance camera achieves high-resolution diagnostic images and outstanding operability. When attached to a Canon EOS 50D DSLR Camera , the CF-1 is capable of delivering obvious and detailed diagnostic pictures for virtually instant review. Continue reading

A specialty pharmacy services provider.

AstraZeneca launches ARIMIDEX Direct to greatly help cancer patients AstraZeneca today announced its first-ever direct-to-patient program offering sufferers with a valid prescription for ARIMIDEX or anastrozole the chance to really have the brand ARIMIDEX delivered right to their house by Express Scripts, a specialty pharmacy services provider, for $40 monthly, including shipping mayor resistencia a los √°cidos . ARIMIDEX Immediate marks an initial for AstraZeneca, stated Steve Davis, Executive Director, Basis Brands, AstraZeneca. We believe additionally it is the 1st time eligible sufferers have got a nationwide direct-to-patient option. This program supplies the brand ARIMIDEX at the reduced cost of $40 monthly via house delivery, Davis continued. Continue reading

Astellas mirabegron for OAB receives FDA advisory committee approval Astellas Pharma US.

Astellas‘ mirabegron for OAB receives FDA advisory committee approval Astellas Pharma US, Inc. , a U.S. Subsidiary of Tokyo-structured Astellas Pharma Inc. , today that the Reproductive Wellness Medicines Advisory Committee of the U announced.S. Food and Medication Administration voted that the entire risk/benefit assessment supports authorization of mirabegron for the treating overactive bladder . Today’s committee recommendation, although not really binding, will be considered by the FDA since it reviews the New Drug Application . By June 29 The FDA is likely to issue an actions letter on the mirabegron program, 2012. Mirabegron has been studied extensively in a lot more than 10,000 individuals over the last 10 years. ‘We are pleased with the committee’s recommendation, which marks an important step in bringing a fresh treatment substitute for the a lot more than 42 million Americans coping with overactive bladder,’ said Steven Ryder, MD, president, Astellas Pharma Global Development. Continue reading

Of Wellness is advising the general public of a feasible case of measles publicity in Morgantown

Berks County’s Section of Health advises general public about possible measles exposure The state dept. Of Wellness is advising the general public of a feasible case of measles publicity in Morgantown, Berks County . Somebody who was identified as having the measles may possess exposed other folks to the condition on Monday, 11 July, between 1 p.m. And 5 p.m., at the Rite Help Drug Store, 3145 Primary St., in Morgantown. A lot of people in the usa are immune to measles, either because they received the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine in childhood or because these were subjected to measles in the pre-vaccine era. In the event that you or your kids are in risk for measles and be ill with the symptoms of the disease one or two weeks after possible publicity, you should inform your medical provider that you’ve been subjected to measles so that safety measures can be taken up to avoid exposing other people. Healthcare providers who treat sufferers with suspected instances of measles should contact the Pennsylvania Section of Health at 1-877-PA-HEALTH for discussion also to arrange testing. Measles is the effect of a contagious virus highly. Symptoms shall begin one or two weeks after exposure, you need to include a runny nasal area, watery eye, cough and a higher fever. After four times, a raised, red rash begins to spread on the facial skin, down the physical body and out to the legs and arms. The rash generally lasts four to a week. Related StoriesLoyola pediatrician reveals signs or symptoms of childhood rashesReducing despair to a checklist of symptoms might not be useful, fresh study revealsInfections experienced in childhood can lead to premature ACS or center attacksAn specific with measles can pass on the virus to others for four times before and four times following the rash begins. It really is spread by contaminated droplets during sneezing or coughing, touching contaminated items, and direct connection with infected throat or nasal secretions. Infected droplets and secretions can stay contagious on surfaces for two hours. Complications from measles range from ear infection, pneumonia and diarrhea, encephalitis , and death even. Measles could cause miscarriages or premature delivery in women that are pregnant also. The MMR vaccine can be given to toddlers if they are 12 to 15 a few months of age, another dose is necessary for all Pennsylvania college children. However, individuals who’ve received only one dosage of the vaccine, rather than the recommended two doses, may be vulnerable to infections with this virus still. The MMR vaccine might help prevent infection if it’s given within three times of publicity. There is absolutely no risk in obtaining an additional dosage of the MMR vaccine for those who may have previously received it. For those who can’t have the MMR vaccine , or if it’s been more than three times as your exposure, a dosage of immune globulin can offer security up to six times following the date of publicity. The Department of Wellness offers immune globulin at a particular clinic to be kept Saturday, 16 July, from 9 a.m. To noon at the Berks County Condition Health Middle in the Reading Condition WORKPLACE, on 625 Cherry Road, Reading, Pa., 19602. . Continue reading

Thats because this is a diet plan that uses foods you probably already have readily available.

It’s mostly normal types of food too and doesn’t cost a lot. Fast and effective as a excess weight loss in a rush plan, many people make it through a full week like this. It really only has lengthy term benefits within a bigger intend to shed pounds and keep them off for good.. Cabbage Soup Diet Reviews – – Ideas and Tips It’s almost quicker to start on a cabbage soup diet plan than it is to learn cabbage soup diet testimonials. Continue reading

It could return.

Beyond chemotherapy to remedy leukemia The fight cancer isn’t won in one battle: longer after a cancer has been beaten into remission, it could return. The reason behind that is under debate, and far is unclear. New analysis led by Weizmann Institute researchers implies that, at least for just one kind of blood cancer, the foundation of cancers recurrence is certainly in a couple of cells that usually do not proliferate as quickly as regular cancer tumor cells, and thus can survive chemotherapy kamagra kaufen . The findings, which come in the journal Bloodstream, involve some important implications for future years of the battle on cancer. Cancer entails a breakdown in the system that regulates the speed of cell division. Continue reading

Providing benefits for storage and spatial learning.

‘First the mice were trained for three days to find a visible platform within their maze. Then they were trained for a week to locate a hidden platform.’ The team found that the EGCG treated mice required less time to get the hidden platform. Overall the total results revealed that EGCG improves learning and memory by improving object reputation and spatial memory. ‘We have shown that the organic chemical substance EGCG acts right to increase the production of neural progenitor cells, both in glass exams and in mice,’ concluded Bai. Continue reading

CTI announces publication of preclinical.

today announced a comprehensive content summarizing preclinical and medical data for pacritinib, an oral JAK2/FLT3 inhibitor, authored by Srdan Verstovsek, M.D., Ph.D., et al., was released in the journal Medicines of the Future 2013. The article evaluations the preclinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics in addition to the safety and efficacy results from the Phase 1 and 2 clinical studies of pacritinib in patients with myelofibrosis and lymphoma. Related StoriesGMP grade cell cryopreservation mediaDiagnosing traumatic human brain injury through a blood test: an interview with Dr KorleyArtemisinin and the fight against malaria: an interview with Dr. Continue reading

Bed shortages plague Queensland general public hospitals By Dr Ananya Mandal tadalafil generic.

Bed shortages plague Queensland general public hospitals By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Based on the Australian Medical Association of Queensland there exists a 500 bed shortage in the general public hospitals in Queensland. These details came in the nationwide public hospital report cards on Thursday that premiered by the Australian Medical Association. AMA Queensland president Dr Gino Pecoraro stated a bed shortage was the most significant but correctable concern for Queensland tadalafil generic . For five or a decade. He described the preset bed occupancy prices at some Queensland general public hospitals were at high levels. Continue reading

According to a new study co-authored by a Florida Condition University visiting lecturer.

The Society content builds on the pair’s 2005 study, which centered on pharmaceutical advertisements that claim depression is caused by an imbalance of serotonin – – an imbalance the drug companies say can be corrected by a course of antidepressants called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors . A review of a complete set of trial data released in the journal PLoS Medicine last month figured a lot of the perceived efficacy of many of the most common SSRIs was due to the placebo effect. Various other studies indicate that for every 10 people who consider an SSRI, only 1 to two people are receiving benefit from the medication truly, regarding to Lacasse and Leo. Continue reading

Ayurvedic Hair Care Essential oil yellow tablet.

Ayurvedic Hair Care Essential oil, Fungal Scalp Infection Treatment Itchy hair scalp is certainly a common ailment reported in health centers yellow tablet . Reasons leading method to this difficulty vary from one individual to some other. Poor hygiene can be a common trigger reported for itchy locks scallop. It is possible to alleviate this trouble by following good lifestyle habits quickly. Dandruff is certainly reported to become as a common reason behind itchy hair scalp. Certain herbal remedies are located to be very useful to ease this ongoing health difficulty. Continue reading

Class action law suit filed on behalf of children with autism against ELARC Today.

Just like the other class people, Benito is eligible for these providers under California’s Lanterman Work, which was enacted to avoid the institutionalization of developmentally disabled individuals. Related StoriesKey neurotransmitter receptor may be a potential focus on for individualised Autism Spectrum Disorder treatmentBET proteins family plays key function in regulation of normal neuronal development and functionResearchers expose free iOS app to learn about autism in small children Raising a kid with autism on a limited income is hard enough, said Brian Capra, Personnel Attorney at Open public Counsel. Continue reading

Researchers say the opposite could be true now.

Artificial sweeteners not so sweet to your wellbeing Many people feel that using artificial sweeteners of sugar may be the healthier choice instead drug information . But, researchers say the opposite could be true now. The American Center Association suggests that people should prevent added sugars, which are sugars and syrups devote foods during preparation, right or processing before usage. Sugar intake has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which include risk factors for temperature disease and stroke. Health Artificial excess weight and sweeteners loss An incredible number of Americans make use of artificial sweeteners to attempt to lose weight. Continue reading

Modified organisms Genetically.

Thus giving biotech firms an higher hand in the meals industry. Their modified meals is passed on as though it’s real meals and marketed cheaper to the buyer. There is absolutely no honest transparency. Many foods are lies, and folks are consuming them, oblivious to everything. The types doing the proper thing for consumers will be the types being pushed into non-existence. In a recently available case out of Australia, one organic farmer is normally pushing back again, filing a lawsuit against his neighboring GMO farmer, whose seeds contaminated his, causing him to reduce his organic qualification, his period and his cash. Landmark Australian courtroom case could decide fate of organic farming A landmark courtroom case in Australia could decide the fate of organic farming and the continuing future of GMOs in Australian agriculture. Continue reading

Studies show that aspirin therapy is definitely much less effective in women than in men.

‘It could be that women have a far more active platelet system in the body so it’s less likely that platelet actions will be inhibited.’ In the future, researchers hope to look at aspirin therapy outcomes in women only and find if those outcomes could be changed. Nearly all examining for aspirin therapy has been on guys, so not much is usually known about how women respond. ‘Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women in the United States. Future research ought to be aimed at learning the reason for this upsurge in aspirin resistance and the effect on outcomes in women with cardiovascular disease.’ Dorsch said.. Aspirin is apparently less effective center treatment for women than men A new study implies that aspirin therapy for coronary artery disease is four times more likely to be ineffective in women in comparison to males with the same health background. Continue reading